Carmen visit

Reunion Weekend

It was great to see Carmen (Gherghisan) Vanderhoof and Rebecca Rupp, two of the very first Castle group members, back for the class of 2015 reunion this weekend!

Ozone storage upgrade

The new ozone freezer is up and running and working great! No more constantly icing cold baths, just a stable flow of nearly pure ozone. Thanks to NASA for making the upgrade possible!

Research Students

Current Students:
Kat Klein (MA CHEM '16)
Robert Marchese (BS BMEG '16)

Former Students:
Steve Allison (BS CHEM '14)
Michael Jelencic (BS BICH '14)
Alex Kowler (BS CHEM/PHYS '14)
Rene Talai (BS BICH '14)
Michael Brignone (MS '13)
Tricia Clyde (BS CHEM '13)
Michael Cecchini (MS '12)
Tara Pedersen (BS/MS CHEM '10)
Jakob Schaeffer (BA PHYS '10)
Stephen Ragard (BA CHEM/ECON '10)
Darryl Kyle (MA CHEM)
Labe Black (MS CHEM '09)
Tom Vogler (BS BICH '10)
Kristy Brown (BS CHEM '09)
Michael Simione (BS CHEM '09)
Stephanie Rink (BA CHEM/SPAN '09)
Andrea Asimoglou (BS BICH '09)
Andrea Brown (BA CHEM/SPAN '08)
Justin Rhinehart (MS CHEM '08)
Dustin Schroeder (BS EE/PHYS '07)
Kristi Cashman (BS CHEM '06)
Michael Heinrich (BS CHEM '06)
Rebecca Rupp (BS BIO '05)
Carmen Gherghisan (BS BIO '05)
Brian Day (BA CHEM '05)
Katie Kleissas (BS CHEM '04)
Betsy Staudt (BS CHEM '04)

Scholarship News

Recent Funding:

- NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program (PI, #NNNX13AG27G) 2013-2016, $178854 “Reducing Uncertainty in Martian Upper Atmospheric Non-LTE Models: Laboratory Measurement of Carbon Dioxide Vibrational Relaxation”

- National Science Foundation RUI:CEDAR, Aeronomy Division (PI, #0640063) August 2007-
2012, $167,760 “Quenching of Vibrationally-Excited Ozone by Atomic Oxygen”

Recent/Important Publications (*Bucknell student):

- Karen J. Castle, Labe A. Black*, and Tara J. Pedersen*, J. Phys. Chem. A, 118 (25), 4548 (2014). "Vibrational Relaxation of O3(ν2) by O(3P)."

- Karen J. Castle, Labe A. Black*, Michael W. Simione*, and James A. Dodd, J. Geophys. Res. 117, A04310 (2012). “Vibrational Relaxation of CO2(nu2) by O(3P) in the 142-490 K Temperature Range.”

- Karen J. Castle and Stephanie M. Rink*, J. Chem. Educ., 87, 1360 (2010). “Customized Laboratory Experience in Physical Chemistry.”

- Karen J. Castle, Katherine M. Kleissas*, Justin M. Rhinehart*, Eunsook S. Hwang, and James A. Dodd, J. Geophys. Res. 111, A09303 (2006). “Vibrational relaxation of CO2(nu2) by atomic oxygen.”

Educational Interests

Teaching Interests:
Physical Chemistry
General Chemistry
Molecular Spectroscopy
Foundation Seminars
- How'd They Make That?
- From Observation to Knowledge
Integrated Perspectives Course
- Symmetry (coming soon)

Education-Related Activities:
- Co-creater of the Discovery Residential College, launched in the fall of 2013

- Chair of the Bucknell University Committee on Instruction 2014-15

- Symposium Organizer and presenter at 2013 Fall ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis, "Creative Approaches to Physical Chemistry Instruction"

- Co-leader of the Teaching and Learning Center's Faculty Learning Community of Flipped Classrooms

- Department of Chemistry Assessment Coordinator