New Students

Ellie Siegfried and Liam Kollar have been volunteering in our lab this semester. Because they were first-semester Bucknell students, they haven’t been able to spend much time in the lab yet, but hopefully they’ll be around for a while!

Reunion Weekend

Carmen visit

It was great to see Carmen (Gherghisan) Vanderhoof and Rebecca Rupp, two of the very first Castle group members, back for the class of 2015 reunion this weekend!

Ozone storage upgrade

The new ozone freezer is up and running and working great! No more constantly icing cold baths, just a stable flow of nearly pure ozone. Thanks to NASA for making the upgrade possible!

Conor Flynn joins the Castle Group!

Conor is off to a great start learning the ins and outs of the lab. He’ll be designing his MS project over the next few months.

Kat Klein joins Castle Group!

The Castle Group welcomes Kat Klein back to Bucknell as she begins pursuit of her MA degree in chemistry.  Kat received her BS degree in chemistry from our department in the spring of 2013 and spent the last year working as a high school teacher in the Lewistown area.  Kat’s project will involve exploring the feasibility of measuring energy transfer between water vapor and oxygen atoms using a quantum cascade laser.

Graduating Group Members

Congratulations to Castle group members Steve Allison, Michael Jelencic, Alex Kowler, and Rene Talai on achieving their BS degrees this spring!

Congratulations Alex!

alex in lab

Congratulations go out to Alex Kowler on his acceptance into the graduate program in chemical physics at the University of Maryland!